Once more, it’s a New Year!

Once more, it’s a New Year!

It is unlikely that someone loves the New Year more than China, because they celebrate it several times. From the beginning, along with the whole world, on January 1, and then also according to the eastern calendar.

According to the stories of my friends from China, the Chinese New Year is the main and longest holiday in the Middle Kingdom. Unlike its western counterpart, there is no fixed start date for the Chinese New Year, and each year it is scheduled for different times.

Eastern New Year comes on the second new moon after the winter solstice, between January 12 and February 19.

This year this date “fell” on January 25th. The cycle of New Year’s festivals traditionally begins on the first day of the New Year and ends with the Lantern Festival, which begins on the 15th day of the celebrations. During this New Year’s Eve, most Chinese people gather in families for their annual reunion dinners.

The Chinese New Year celebration is different from the western celebration, and there are some peculiarities.

During the New Year, it is not customary at the table to talk about the defeats that occurred during the year, but rather they share plans for the future. It is also forbidden to pronounce the word “four” during the celebration, since in the Chinese language it has another meaning – “death”.

Of course, the holiday does not go without gifts. So, in the Middle Kingdom it is customary to give gifts from paired items symbolizing unity and family harmony.

In addition, coming to visit, the guests present the ho9sts with two tangerines, and leaving, receive from them two other tangerines. Thus, the owners and guests exchange symbols of financial well-being, which, in the opinion of the Chinese, are tangerines.

Such is the bright and colorful New Year celebrated in China. Taking this opportunity, the ORIENT team congratulates colleagues from China and wishes them wealth and prosperity!