On the anniversary of the master from the galaxy of the Mary school of artists

On the anniversary of the master from the galaxy of the Mary school of artists

For the birthday of Honored Art Worker and People’s Artist Ata Akiyev, an exhibition of the master’s works opened at an exhibition center of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan. The painter was born in the city of Mary, where he lives and works to this day. But on such a significant occasion, the 70 years old artist arrived in the capital and took part in the exhibition opening.

Famous creative figures of the country, including painters, writers and musicians gathered to greet the hero of the day. The event participants congratulated the birthday man wishing him happiness, health, long years of life, and handed him flowers and gifts.

Among many guests at the exhibition were the children and grandchildren of the artist. One of the daughters of Ata Akiyev, art critic Guljan Chariyeva said that she appreciates her father not only as a wise parent, but, above all, as a talented painter, highlighting monochrome compositions in his works.

– We have a large family, and we all grew up in a creative environment, surrounded with paintings by our father. In fact, we are all his pupils, Guljan Chariyeva says. – One willy-nilly took the brush and started drawing, as happened with me. As a child, I began to imitate my father’s paintings, drew and childishly copied pictures from his works. Father loves very much the places where he was born, therefore his works includes many dedications to Merv and the ancient civilization of Margush.

Ata Akiyev is a graduate of the Ashgabat Art College named after Shota Rustaveli, and the Lvov Polygraphic Institute named after Ivan Fedorov. In different years, the artist’s paintings were displayed at solo exhibitions in Pakistan, Cuba and Turkey.

– There is a deep philosophical meaning in all paintings by Akiyev, art critic Azat Annayev says. – One can view these canvases for hours and make more and more discoveries. Warm gamut and rich red colors predominate in the works by the artist of Mary. They have a lot of interesting subtexts. For example, these are sacred secrets of the ancient Merv in the composition “Spider”, where the brooches found during excavations resemble spider’s shell.

Akiyev’s collection contains a large number of self-portraits. So the artist explores himself in a comparison with the world around him.

Mary is famous for its art school, whose special creative style is recognizable almost at first glance: Ata Akiyev, Annadurdy Muradaliyev, Kossek Nurmuradov…

Artists of Mary pay attention to national stylistics and historical events. Their paintings have a continuity of generations, the topics of strong family ties, symbolism and surrealism. The Mary School of Painting is a whole phenomenon in the art of Turkmenistan. Young painters of Mary continue the tradition of the famous school.