On sea cargo service and its changes in the Turkmenbashi Seaport

On sea cargo service and its changes in the Turkmenbashi Seaport

Can a humanity or any country stay without freight transport? Once, in the medieval era, when subsistence farming dominated everywhere, probably it could. But now, it’s definitely not.

And even the novel coronavirus pandemic can only reduce the intensity of freight and transport communications, but not stop it. People need to eat, be treated and dressed up, to study and to develop, in other words, the life is go on. For this, in the 21st century, we need a constant regional and global turnover.

At present, the vast majority of countries, including Turkmenistan, are in quarantine. Countries have introduced this measure to protect their citizens from the disease and stop its further spread. However, even under these conditions, no one country can stay without transportation. And the transport connection is carried out, but in a special manner, in compliance with all safety precautions.

The ORIENT editorial staff has a document “Procedure for delivery of goods to the Turkmenbashi International Seaport”, that temporarily during the coronavirus period regulates the delivery of goods necessary for our country. This very interesting document describes the daily duties of transport staff, border guards, customs officers, medicals and other specialists who work to provide our country’s residents with imported goods in demand, without exposing them to the risk of being infected with a dangerous disease.

The ORIENT decided to acquaint readers with some of the provisions of this document, which envisages the observance of measures necessary to ensure safety..

The staff of the quarantine service is a first who meet the arriving ferries that stop at specially designated berth. In special protective clothing, on auxiliary vessels, they come to the arrived vessels, board on to collect the epidemiological data of people on board the ferry, measure their temperature, and take laboratory samples using a special device.

In case if there is a person with a high temperature on the ferry, a person will be taken away from the vessel and delivered to the port on the auxiliary vessel. Then, in a specialized car, a person will be delivered to the infectious ward of the Turkmenbashi city hospital. All the time, the ferry should be in a specially designated parking zone until the results of the research of laboratory samples are known.

Railway wagons, trucks, trailers and containers transported by ferry are unloaded and disinfected by quarantine officers.

In addition, representatives of the border, migration and customs services carry out their paperwork at the arrived vessels.

After receiving the results of the analyzes that should be negative on virus disease, as well as after corresponding verification and customs clearance, the delivered cargo loaded already in the vehicles of Turkmenistan is sent along the established route to the destination point under the control of the Traffic Police Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan.

Some of our readers may say with irony that it is easier to write about cargo delivery amid the coronavirus pandemic than to do it. We would not argue about this and agree with them. As to all who are in the period of pandemic ensure the quarantine regime and the delivery of goods necessary for our country we wish health and prosperity.