On a visit of a young phenomenal athlete – when sport is main hobby since childhood

On a visit of a young phenomenal athlete – when sport is main hobby since childhood

Latest news about an 8-age athlete from Ashgabat, who did 8,000 push-ups from the floor in one approach, were soon to spread among Turkmen groups in social networks. While commenting, it seemed that some readers were a bit skeptical about this information and video about it, and the ORIENT decided to conduct its own journalistic “check” and personally verify the authenticity of the phenomenon.

We found a contact phone of the boy’s father, made an appointment and went to visit. We have been very warmly greeted by Dovran Allamov, the head of the family, and invited to the house where the hero of our article Resul and his younger sister Melek who surprised to see reporters were waiting,

In the large courtyard of a private house, there were a punching bag, a horizontal bar, dumbbells, weights and other equipment – it could immediately be noticed that sports-lovers family lives here. From the conversation we learned that Resul is a top-of-the-class student at school, and his greatest hobby is sport, especially boxing, and he prefers push-ups as a warm-up. He started to do this at the age of 3, which is also indicated by the cubes as the boy has as much as a professional bodybuilder has.

Now Resul can do 7,800 to 8,000 push-ups in a row in about 2.5 hours. During a short break, he – without changing position – manages to quickly rest and he is given a little water.

Resul followed suit of his dad, who has also been doing box since early childhood. By the father’s example, the boy wants to become a professional boxer, and also to break the world record for push-ups and enter into the Guinness World Records.

According to Resul, like his peers, he likes to play with friends, but every day he goes in for sports for 2-3 hours, and he really enjoys of doing it.

We asked Resul to repeat his “record” video and … we were even sorry a bit as we really had to wait two and a half hours, more than once losing count. But in the end, we became eyewitnesses to the fact that during this time the boy really did 8,000 push-ups. On this occasion, we congratulated and wished him all dreams come true along with great sports victories.

Djanmamed GULAMOV