Olympic Council of Asia: the future lies with cyber sports

Olympic Council of Asia: the future lies with cyber sports

The Olympic Council of Asia announced the appearance of e-sports at the Asian Games-2018 in Jakarta (Indonesia) as an indicative competition, followed by its inclusion in the main program of the Games in Huanchzhou in 2022.

Honorary Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia Wei Jizhong believes that the entry of e-sports into the program of the Olympic Games and other multi-sporting events is only a matter of time.

“Everything changes. Computer games gave us unlimited opportunities to compete with each other. Such competitions attract thousands of spectators, and those attract more people,” Wei said, speaking on the sidelines of the Grand Final of the World Electronic Games (WESG) this week.

Interest in e-sports has manifested itself in the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games held last year in Ashgabat. The result of their conduct has become stunning – the Dota 2 competitions (multiplayer team game), Hearthstone, StarCraft II, King of Fighters XIV (individual cyber-games) have collected almost 100 million views on the official website and a huge number of reposts on social networks.

“The decision to include e-sports in the competition program came to us very easily,” Wei said. “Interest in e-sports is huge, both from the side of possible participants, and from the viewers.”

“The Olympic Games are on the horizon, but first we need to resolve some issues, including the formation of an internationally recognized and accepted governing body for e-sports. Also, you need to develop and approve the rules of the competition and the rules of refereeing and decide which type of e-sports to choose.”

“Already, e-sports are seen as an indicative sport at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024,” Wei added.

Preference will be given to games that are based on traditional sports such as football. This will allow traditional sports, already presented at the Olympic Games, take in e-sports faster and easier.