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Sand painting and an unusual portrait of Mahtumkuli

24.11.2020 | 21:54 |
 Sand painting and an unusual portrait of Mahtumkuli

World Watercolour Day is marked annually on November 23. The initiator of tradition is the Mexican artist and founder of first-ever museum devoted to water colour Alfredo Guati Rojo. And though in Turkmenistan while there is no water colour museum, but in May of this year there passed interesting enough exhibition of water colour works of the critic and artist Azat Annaev.

To try to draw by water colour paint we begin with a kindergarten, however the fine arts are fine that in it there is a great variety of techniques for self-expression. Today it would be desirable to tell a little about «sand animation» or drawing by sand. This bewitching show became lately very popular. In Ashkhabad there are clubs where it is possible to bring children for sand creativity.

Sand takes away negative energy, and its touch in palms stabilises an emotional condition. Also sand painting develops a small motility, forces to work not only group of muscles, but also the brain. After all, to spray sand in a uniform thin stream so that there appears on the glass surface a recognizable image, is not easy difficult work. Having learnt to create plots of sand pictures, it is possible to refer to animation variants.

In 1969 the Canadian -American director-animator Caroline Leaf showed the public a sand plot “Sand, or Peter and the Wolf“, the premiere began sand animation. Much later, in 1977 the award "Oscar" for the best animation short-footage film «The Sand Castle» was granted to director Co Hoedeman.

And the famous Russian art project «The Sands of Time » recorded a video with creation of a portrait of the classic of Turkmen literature Mahtumkuli. The video clip which has gained a considerable quantity of viewings on the Internet, is worthy of it to look, as from sand a recognizable image of the legendary poet is born.

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There is the reasonable question, what sand is used for creation of unusual pictures and portraits? In drawing on glass tablets with illumination quartz and kinetic sand is applied. This material does not raise «dust» and does not cause allergy. However to test in a role of the sand artist it is unessential to register in special courses, to equip studio of drawing with sand it is possible in house conditions.

For beginning masters of sand paining it is required: Plexiglas, a box, a lamp for illumination and usual sand (calcinated in an oven within two hours). Plexiglas is placed on the box in which the light source fastens; having raised a design on legs from a children's stool it is possible to start creativity.

If at the beginning there is no imagination, it is possible to use the book of German teacher Mariella Seitz «We write and draw on the sand». The author shares recommendations with parents how to learn to draw on the sand with different techniques to train children. Certainly beautiful drawings from the first "attempt" not always turn out, but the techniques of drawing by sand is good that it is possible to develop the imagination and without effort to change unfortunate pictures.

Selbi Charyeva

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