3D-printers have joined in struggle with COVID-19

3D-printers have joined in struggle with COVID-19

While the world very much tries to constrain the outbreak of novel coronavirus, experts use technology of the 3D-print to receive the goods, best-selling: components for masks, face masks and openers of doors without the aid of hands.

Budmen Industries, the small company working in the field of 3D-print, has shared a template for the press of face masks, and also has given face masks to various services of fast reaction.

Technical giant HP also makes use of the experience in area of the 3D-print for support of struggle with coronavirus and works with a number of the governmental agencies worldwide to provide the synchronised and effective approach in this issue.

And in Finland Company Fortum has made openers of doors without the aid of hands, printed on the 3D-printer, and distributions COVID-19 reducing risk.

«To help with struggle with coronavirus, our interaction with the artificial environment should be carried out without the aid of hands. Thanks to innovations we can prevent distribution of the virus and give the chance to people to carry out more safely the daily duties», - brand-manager Fortum of Jussi Mälkiä stated.

In Helsinki experiments on use of openers of doors without the aid of hands have caused positive reaction in buyers.

The Belgian company on 3D-print Materialise also has developed a door opener, and have made a template for the 3D-print accessible to free loading to expand use of similar openers all over the world during the pandemic.

«Our template of an opener can be reproduced on 3D-printers everywhere and becomes accessible worldwide immediately. In this case we have developed a product, and people in other corners of globe can unpack now the device of opening of a door on the own 3D-printer» - general director of Materialise Fried Vancrean explained.