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Artistic “message” to descendants: exhibition of national embroidery in Ashgabat

09.10.2020 | 07:43 |
 Artistic “message” to descendants: exhibition of national embroidery in Ashgabat

The exhibition of national embroidery was held in Ashgabat, in the center of public organizations of Turkmenistan. The colorful event was organized by the Women’s Union and the Ministry of Culture of the country. The meeting brought together not only craftswomen, but also heads of primary women’s organizations and media representatives.

The purpose of the exhibition is to draw attention to the role of women in preserving the traditions of decorative and applied art of the Turkmen people, to show this art in development on the example of such a unique detail of the national costume as a women’s head cape. This headdress occupies a special place in the ancient attire of a Turkmen woman, especially in a wedding one, when it is hand-embroidered with patterns most plenteously.

During the exhibition, scientists spoke on the topic of ethnographic heritage, and artists – the famous bakhshi Lyale Begnazarova and the folklore group of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture of Turkmenistan – complemented an atmosphere.

The craftswomen themselves, who were happy to talk about women’s costumes and the symbolism of ornaments, and the “message” they contain, took center stage. For example: the image in the form of horns “gochak” is one of the ancient and widespread motifs. Today “chigildem” – tulip, “gulchinar” – the leaves of the plane trees, and others are also popular in the embroideries on Turkmen modern dresses.

Needlewomen demonstrated various embroidery techniques, giving master classes on decorating headgears and shawls, sharing the subtleties of the artistic handicraft.


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