Expert warned of the dangers of wireless earphones

Expert warned of the dangers of wireless earphones

Wireless earphones because of built-in Bluetooth emit electromagnetic waves too close to the brain, said Alexander Timofeev, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Russian University of Economics named after G.V.Plekhanov. According to him, first of all, fakes of original headphones constitute a threat.

If we assume that radio waves have an electromagnetic basis for their operation, then there is definitely harm. Human’s nervous system activity also has electromagnetic currents, and the number of people suffering from magnetic fluctuations of nature only increases – quoted Alexander Timofeev’s words PRIME.

The expert noted that the impact of electromagnetic waves on organic and food products has been scientifically studied. Scientists from 40 countries have concluded that wireless headphones can lead to brain cancer.

Bluetooth technology uses the transmission of a strong electromagnetic field; it is close to microwave radiation. Accordingly, the influence of waves in close proximity to the brain is dangerous to health.