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An esports island will appear in the UAE

23.03.2024 | 13:34 |
 An esports island will appear in the UAE

An esports island will appear in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The corresponding project was presented by the True Gamers Global Network of eSports Clubs. The cost of the project is estimated at $280 million, its payback period is 10 years.

The island will include four functional zones:

Digital Tower is a business center with modern workplaces, startup accelerators, advanced technologies and animation studios.

TG Arena is the main facility designed to host international eSports tournaments, digital exhibitions and conferences. The arena can be adapted to different gaming genres and competition formats, offering specialized areas, including a computer club with 100 high-performance PCs, and a fully equipped streaming area.

GG Bootcamps are camps that professional players can use to prepare for tournaments.

GG Resort is a hotel with 200 luxurious rooms that will be equipped with high-performance computers.

Professional eSports teams will have access to training programs with advanced analytical tools, high-tech computers, dedicated relaxation areas and balanced nutrition programs to achieve peak performance.

The island will also host unique events such as a PUBG-style skydive and children's e-sports camps to train the younger generation of gamers.

“We believe that the eSports Island will be a revolutionary achievement in the entertainment industry, offering guests the perfect combination of recreation and competitive gaming,” Vlad Belyanin, director of production and co-founder of True Gamers commented, adding that discussions are currently underway with investors to secure the necessary funding for this innovative project.

During the development of the project, the True Gamers team collaborated with esports teams from around the world to determine the requirements for an optimal boot camp environment.



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