English Premier League is alive: empty stadiums are not an obstacle to interest in the game

English Premier League is alive: empty stadiums are not an obstacle to interest in the game

At last! Hooray! The English Premier League season has resumed! Even if the stadiums were empty, millions of fans around the world were looking forward to watching it!

On Wednesday, June 17, the match of the 28th round between Aston Villa and Sheffield United continued the Premier League football season after a long pause. The game in Birmingham ended with the score 0: 0.

The visiting team could take the lead in the 42nd minute when the Aston Villa goalkeeper fell over the goal, but the referee did not score the goal. Thus, Aston Villa with 26 points takes 19th place, and Sheffield United is on the sixth line with 44 points.

Today, June 18, Manchester City did not leave a chance for Arsenal, having intensely attacked the goal of poor Leno, who had to get the ball out of his goal three times, while the goal of Ederson remained “vacant” until the final whistle of the referee.

Thanks to a more than convincing victory, the “Citizens”, having scored 60 points, takes second place in the Premier League table, while the “Gunners” with 40 points close the first nine.

Thus, the Premier League came to life after it was suspended on March 13 due to coronavirus. So annoying pause lasted endless 100 days and 100 nights!

But now, thanks the football gods, life goes on!

The English Premier League is the most popular sports championship in the world. At the moment, judging by the UEFA ratio table, the Premier League is the second most powerful national championship in Europe, second only to the Spanish La Liga.

Only the following 6 of 45 different clubs that played in the Premier League won the league champion title: Manchester United (13 times), Chelsea (5 times), Manchester City (4 times), Arsenal (3 times), Blackburn Rovers (1 time) and Leicester City (1 time).

The reigning champion is the Manchester City, which won its fourth Premier League title in the 2018/19 season.