Ashgabat will host the Frisbee Championship

Ashgabat will host the Frisbee Championship

On June 21, the Ultimate Frisbee Championship will be held at the Ashgabat Stadium. Four teams will take part in the tournament. Anyone can cheer for the players, support the teams and personally watch the sports battles in such an exotic game. Competitions will start at 20:00.

Frisbee or flying disc has incorporated the best elements of American and European football, basketball and the usual disks throwing game. This game is known and loved by many, and it is played without thinking that Frisbee is a whole sports culture that has been recognized as an Olympic event since 2015.

The game originated in the west in the second half of the last century. Students of one of the higher schools spent their leisure time playing a fly-disk. Soon the entertainment gained a team character, and the Frisbee competitions began to attract the attention of fans.

  • Frisbee has been played in Turkmenistan at a sports level for about 20 years, says Vepa Seyitniyazov, a player of one of the teams. - Teams hold tournaments annually, and the game itself has acquired the status of a youth movement. Our players are people from 18 to 30 years of age, and, of course, not all of them are professional athletes. Someone came to Ultimate Frisbee out of interest and someone in order to keep fit. We train at the stadium twice a week, and if there are those wishing to try their hands at this sport, we are always waiting for them. Everyone can come and train in order to become part of our team in the future.

Ultimate is a non-contact team sport with a flying disc and rather high dynamics of the game. Athletes have to jump a lot, run, catch a flying disc and make accurate passes. The goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible by scoring goals. As in classic football, the goal of players in Ultimate Frisbee is to outwit opponents and defend their side of the field.

Both boys and girls can try themselves in Ultimate Frisbee. In addition to the fact that there are no age restrictions in the game, teams are most often mixed. At first, players train disc throws and short passes, learn the game rules.

  • The game spirit is significant in this sport, Vepa Seyitniyazov comments. - There are no judges, and the players themselves oversee the compliance with the rules. They always try to find a mutually acceptable solution to controversial issues. It’s not difficult to learn Frisbee rules, and many players are drawn into the gameplay from the very first training. I myself began to train even before the army service and came to Frisbee from basketball. An athletic training is only welcomed, but I repeat once again that the most important thing for players is the team spirit.