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Unforgettable Jazz Evening

16.06.2020 | 10:11 |
 Unforgettable Jazz Evening

Last Sunday evening, many Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital were in the Vatan cinema and concert hall, where "live" music reigned - traditional and modern jazz. The hearts of the lovers of this musical direction trembled and sang when, from somewhere in the depths of the stage, pianos played and the reflections of the saxophone were visible.

Songs of jazz stars - Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley - performed by Azat Annamammedov in the original language could not leave anyone indifferent in the hall.

The concert program included compositions by George Gershwin “Ain't necessari-ly so”, Bob Dylan “Knocking on heaven door”, Mark Bernes “Dark Night”, Muslim Magomaev “Thank you”, which were masterfully performed by musicians Ahmad Abaev (saxophone), Bahar Baimieva (piano), Shamil Kerimi (bass) and Konstantin Timurkhanov (drums).

“I attended a concert where the artist gives himself completely to art and the audi-ence,” said Aylar Ovezova, a resident of Ashgabat. - I am not an expert and I will not talk about voice and performance, but I will say one thing: what I heard gave me great pleasure! I want to separately note the energy and sincerity of the vocalist.

Indeed, one cannot fail to note the energy of Azat Annamammedov, who, not afraid to experiment, did a tremendous job. No other music has such a powerful, volcanic splash of emotions as in jazz and blues.

  • The music, of course, is wonderful. The musicians played great, and the way the vocalist sang was simply amazing. It’s just something incredible. - The guest of the capital Curtis Jackson shares his impressions. - The music is rhythmic, peppy and varied. In a word, everything was great.

If jazz is the music that you need, but you couldn’t get to this evening, Azat An-namamedov plans to hold another concert in early autumn.

... Who knows, maybe one day, coming out of pure curiosity at a jazz concert, you will want to become part of this world. Or you will remain a traveler who, passing, looked at interesting sounds and lights, marveled at how everything is arranged here and went on. But you certainly will not remain indifferent.

Myahri YAGMUROVA, photos by Vyacheslav Sarkisyan

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