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Reissued record of the “Firyuza” ensemble, or Folk-jazz with a national flavor

20.05.2020 | 17:37 |
 Reissued record of the “Firyuza” ensemble, or Folk-jazz with a national flavor

Vinyl records are still relevant, music lovers and fans of high-quality sound collect masterpieces of musical production from different years around the world. A number of rare records include the recording of the Turkmen ensemble “Firyuza”.

The rarity was released by the Soviet Recording Company “Melodiya” in 1980. Winning in the 6th All-Union competition of pop artists in 1979, the Turkmen instrumental ensemble with the distinctive name “Firyuza” became a real discovery of those years.

The musicians of the band made a real furor in instrumental music. Their jazz-folk-rock music style was based on classical works by Nury Halmamedov, Chary Nurymov, Dangatar Ovezov, and Rejep Allayarov.

At the same time, modern jazz processing of the works of Turkmen composers has preserved the national flavor. The ensemble created by Dmitry Sablin on the basis of the TV and radio orchestra of Turkmenistan, a year before the creative competition, did a lot of work. They nightly prepared for the big stage, and were busy during the day at orchestra rehearsals. The result of this tireless activity was seven musical arrangements, but only one had to be presented in the competition –the best one.

The team chose a variation of Nury Halmamedov’s “Harmony”, the melody of which was a complex rhythmic “pattern”, its true value was seen by the jury of the All-Union competition. Among them were the recognized masters of the pop genre Alla Pugacheva, Arkady Raikin, and others.

Having seriously made a statement, the musicians of “Firyuza” returned to their native Ashgabat in triumph. The instrumental group has a lot of fans and the All-Union scale heroes were recognized not by sight, but from the first chords. Turkmen musicians played keyboard, percussion, guitar, saxophone, flute and violin virtuosic and irreproachably. And it is no wonder that soon the guys were invited to Moscow to record their first album.

Unfortunately, the recorded vinyl disc was the first and the last in the ensemble’s work. The album’s track list consists of long-lasting musical compositions: “Ashgabat”, “Native Land”, “Dialogue in the Village”, “Chapyksuar”.

According to the online magazine “Musical archeology”, the vinyl record of the ensemble “Firyuza” was included in the list of the fifty best albums of the “Melody” Studio. In May 2019, a reissue of the record was released – 40 years later, the album of the “Firyuza” ensemble was presented by the “Soviet Grail” label in a limited edition of 250 copies.

A multi-page liner with archival photos and interviews of the band members accompanies a classic black 140-gram vinyl in a full-color glossy cover. For many years, collecting information about musicians bit by bit, meeting with members of the ensemble and their relatives, the creators of the reissued version managed to prepare a full-fledged album and CD of the unique Turkmen ensemble “Firyuza”.

We offer our readers, if not to recollect, then to get acquainted with the music of the legendary band – the composition “Dialogue in the Village”.

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