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«Turkmenfilm» will present a film dilogy about Gorogly

18.05.2020 | 11:11 |
 «Turkmenfilm» will present a film dilogy about Gorogly

Association "Turkmenfilm" named after Oghuz khan has finished work on the 1st series of the feature film «Birth of Gorogly». In the film basis plots centred on the heroic epos about Gorogly who in 2015 by the application of Turkmenistan was enlisted in the list UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of mankind.

Director and author of the scenario of the film Murad Orazov told in conversation with the correspondent ORIENT that eminent actors of different Turkmen theatres participated in shootings - Chary Seyitliev, Oraz Amangeldiev, Anna Melyaev and others. Nonprofessional actors have been also involved.

  • Shootings lasted about 11 months, in this time we have visited with group many places of the country, including Mary, Balkan, Akhal regions. Many scenes of the film were put in film studio pavilions, we also used as background scenes some halls of the Ashgabat "Disneyland" - entertaining park «World of fairy tales». But it was necessary for us to create extremely authentic objects for spectator not as scenery, but a real history. Therefore, artists have laboriously recreated mass of the details corresponding to that time.

  • Now we work over the 2nd series of the film about the destiny of the boy named Rovshen - that means "Light", in the epos called Gorogly - that is, born by darkness and came out to light, and already at once in two series we will present the film to our spectators, - Murad Orazov summed up.

Let's not open all intrigue of the forthcoming premiere. According to second director of the picture Ovez Sharlyev, the key decision of the director is the choice of the actor for a leading role. The image created by him will define the "person" of the film, in direct and figurative sense.

  • For some stories external similarity of the character and the actor, charismatic for the both, are important, study of character traits is more interesting to others-. For example, we long searched for a proper person to play as Adybeg and I admit that the choice was difficult. But whom we found became really the best one. He best suited for this role and besides he appeared very clever guy: for the first time on the set, he understood at once what was required from him and so convincingly expressed the character that the image created by him became the picture’s highlight.

ORIENT has had a talk with Togalak Togalakov, who played as Adybeg. He has happened to be a student of Turkmen agricultural university. And for him an unexpected debut at cinema, especially in one of leading roles, became very touching, as he said, a destiny’s gift.

  • I liked to act in cinema. When I was chosen for the role of Adybeg, certainly, I had doubts, thought that I would not cope. It was too high level for the beginner. But in a circle of creative people, actors, working with them in one team, I felt necessary and did my best for general success. And I once again would act in film …

    Mahri Yagmurova

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