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Young guitarists flashed talent in the walls of the conservatory

18.05.2020 | 10:58 |
 Young guitarists flashed talent in the walls of the conservatory

The Small Hall of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kulieva constantly hosts guests. Within these walls reign the music and energy of young performers. On May 15th, young talents from all music schools of Ashgabat performed in honor of the first prominent Turkmen guitarist Islam Babayev.

A concert of guitar music has become a real celebration for those who prefer one of the most ancient and noble string instruments. Islam Babayev himself could not imagine his life without a guitar. After studying at prestigious Moscow musical universities, he returned to his homeland to open a guitar playing class at a Turkmen music college. Note that despite its popularity in the world, the guitar is still a rare occurrence among traditional musical instruments of Turkmenistan.

Popularizing classical guitar music among Turkmen youth, Islam Babayev gained many students and followers. He was accepted to graduate school at the world famous College of Music in London. However, the guitarist was not destined to begin his studies in the capital of Great Britain. The life of Islam Babaev tragically ended in a car accident that occurred in August 1992. But the musician’s deeds are still alive today - annually Turkmen guitarists remember their first mentor and dedicate concerts to him.

“I also began to learn from Islam Babayev,” says Murad Kurbanov, a musicologist, senior lecturer in the Department of Music History at the Turkmen National Conservatory. - He studied guitar since childhood, but in connection with the move he transferred to another faculty. In memory of the famous musician, whose birthday is on May 6th, we annually hold a small May festival of guitarists. Inviting classical guitar lovers, students of children's music schools, college and conservatory students to participate. Children of all ages try themselves on stage, and, thanks to such concerts, we identify gifted musicians, try to support them in the future, motivating them to creative growth.

The program of a guitar concert is always diverse, because on this universal and mobile instrument, you can play everything from classical music to rock and roll. Therefore, boys and girls try to surprise their peers. Solo performance, trios, duets and ensembles present to listeners a completely different palette of guitar melodies.

Young guitarist Stepan Sokolov in a duet with violinist Makhym Dzhumageldyeva performed the famous composition of Astor Piazzolla “Libertango”. The ensemble was performed by four young beauties, for whom the guitar is a favorite hobby. The girls have not yet decided whether they will connect their future profession with music, but from the first chords it is clear that guitar lessons did not go in vain for them. Viktor Usachov, fourth-grade student of the 3rd Ashgabat School of Music, showed his performing skills in both a duet and in an ensemble. A talented lad masterfully plays the instrument and helps to master it to primary school students.

“When I graduated from the conservatory in the class of classical guitar, I was the first girl guitarist in Turkmenistan with a higher education,” says teacher of the 3rd Ashgabat music school Leyli Nasyrova. - Several of my students take part in today's concert at once, among them - a student of the conservatory Mergen Abalakova. At the moment, she is the only girl who is studying in the class of professional guitar playing. For me, the choice of a six-string instrument is not accidental, we have a family dynasty. My father, Murad Kurbanov, has been the initiator and organizer of the festival of young guitarists for 12 years in a row. Every year, small musicians wait and prepare for this event, trying to adequately perform on stage.

According to the teacher, the guitar is a fairly affordable instrument, and unlike the violin, it does not require absolute hearing from the musician. But in order to achieve the desired success in performing skills, systematic and serious rehearsals are needed.

“I am glad that about forty young guitarists took part in the concert,” says Murad Kurbanov. - In the future we plan to hold such concerts twice a year. As one of our guitarists, Tirkesh Palvanov, said: “The 21st century is the age of the guitar.” The musician was, incidentally, one of the first students of Islam Babaev. And so that our children know their predecessors, we try to arrange presentations and similar dedication concerts, remembering the pioneers in the guitar performing arts of Turkmenistan.


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