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Conservatory students invite to graduation concerts

13.05.2020 | 02:27 |
 Conservatory students invite to graduation concerts

May was marked by a series of graduation concerts of students of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva. This year, 140 professional musicians will graduate from the walls of a musical university, who will join the best state ensembles and orchestras in the future.

Five years ago, Selbi Rejepova came to Ashgabat from Dashoguz to perfect the profession of musician. And today, the young girl goes to her hometown to teach piano lessons at a children’s music school. At her graduation concert, Selby demonstrated the skill of the accompanist, accompanying the soloists in the performance of multi-genre works of classical music.

“A soloist is a sail, while an accompanist is a rudder; the boat lacking of one of these components, will lost its way and will not moor to the desired shore”. The senior teacher of the conservatory, accompanist and diplomat of international competitions Stella Vladimirovna Faramazova knows this very well. The teacher says that 90% of the soloist’s success depends on an experienced accompanist. The performance of the accompanist and vocalist is a single, integral duet, as a creative tandem is simply impossible without mutually complementary fusion.

“There are many famous musicians among our graduates,” says Stella Vladimirovna. “For example, the conductor of the symphony orchestra Rasul Klychev. I accompanied Rasul when he was still a little boy, a student at a music school. And today I continue to help young talented people who chose to be a professional musician. We have just recently started to work together with Selbi Rejepova, while with Aybolek Muhiyeva we have been cooperating for 5 years. An accompanist is a kind of foundation that holds the soloist’s mastery, though without interaction there will be no good contact. The piano, although it performs the function of an orchestra, gives the priority to the violin in this duet.”

Therefore, for graduation concert, violinist Selbi Mulkamanova chose a complex and diverse music program consisting of a concert by Sergei Prokofiev, works by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and by the Finnish composer Johan Sibelius. The trio of two cellos and violin is of great performance.

“I have been playing music since I was 6, we are a family of musicians, and I inherited a violin from my mother. The instrument was made in Yerevan, and now I continue the musical traditions of our family, by playing it,” Selbi says. “Just after the final exams, I will have a practice in the orchestra of Rasul Klychev, and I am very happy about it. A good accompanist is of a big help, and I feel tremendous support from Stella Vladimirovna when I play. It seems we are quit good as a duet.”

Anyone can attend graduation concerts at the Ashgabat Conservatory, as all music events are free for admission and aimed at discovering the potential of young musicians. Graduates are always waiting for guests, because a meeting with the audience gives additional emotions, and small recitals are a kind of test on maturity of future artists of the big stage.

Another graduate of the conservatory, winner of the international violin competition in the Armenian city of Gyumri, Aybolek Muhiyeva, who chooses the work by the British composer Benjamin Britten for the May concert, is preparing her graduation program in tandem with Stella Faramazova.

It so happened that heroic melodies by Britten on military themes, performed by the student, will be dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The young graduate invites everyone who wants to enjoy the excellent sound of classical music to her graduation concert to be held at the Turkmen National Conservatory, Small Hall, on May 16 at 17:00.


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