Sports Acrobatics as a way to train temper of a child

Sports Acrobatics as a way to train temper of a child

Sports acrobatics is an excellent choice to develop physical and strong-will qualities as well as the all-round development of a child.

“Simple exercises will contribute to the development of flexibility, dexterity, endurance and strength,” says Serdar Mammedov, master of sports in sports acrobatics, who enrolls children of 4 to 15 age to the sports acrobatics section. Training will be held at the Ashgabat Olympic Complex three times a week.

“Acrobatics prepares children for a wide variety of sports, and the acquired skills will be useful to them everywhere,” the mentor continues. “After all, training involves all muscle groups and develops the muscles at the same time.”

According to the trainer, at the beginning of each training session, he and his children do a warm-up, prepare the body for physical activity. Then, he teaches his wards do the splits, handstand, do exercise known as “turning the crab", do spins. Children enjoy performing acrobatic elements, which then become the basis for more complex tricks. The main thing is to increase the physical load gradually, based on the strength ability of each child.

Serdar says that Natalya Valeryevna Rejepova was his the first mentor. It was she who cuktivated love for sports, acrobatics, the beauty and grace of which delights everyone without exception.

“When I started to train, of course, it was difficult. However, my desire and perseverance contributed to master acrobatic exercises. If you strive strongly for something, then you can do everything,” he notes.

Since 2010, the young mentor is also the artist of the State Circus of Turkmenistan, where he performs various acrobatic exercises in the arena, including on horses.

Therefore, if you decide to sign up your child to the sports acrobatics section, you can be sure that your child will be in safe hands of the “expert”.

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