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Art historian, teacher, artist – three aspects of a creative personality

03.05.2020 | 22:45 |
 Art historian, teacher, artist – three aspects of a creative personality

The gallery of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan invites to the exhibition of watercolor works by art critic and historian Azat Annayev. He began his career as an artist, then he changed the qualification to be an art critic, and later he graduated from the History Department of the Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli.

Azat Annayev is a well-known person in the country; his students live in all corners of Turkmenistan and even abroad. He taught at the Ashgabat art school, which he had once graduated from, and he did not suppose that his teaching experience would last for as long as 23 years.

Students of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, students of the Rodoguna School of Fine Arts and graduates of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan gathered to congratulate their teacher on the opening of his first personal exhibition.

Many of those attended the vernissage did not know that Azat Annayev was a professional artist. He began to paint in early childhood and then more and more involved himself in the process of learning “creative science”.

“I was always interested in how different masters do, I read the biographies of famous artists,” Azat says. “The technology of painting itself excited my imagination. Therefore, I entered the Department of Art History at the Kiev Institute of Arts, now it is the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. At the institute, I got acquainted with all the details of creating paintings, up to weaving canvases and determining the composition of paints. Museum studies, the art of the ancient world, the history of painting in European and Asian countries – the information volume that I received during the study is quite large. But I always continued to draw, and the current exhibition is presentation of me as an artist.”

Azat Hudayberdyevich prefers to work with watercolors and notes it is very complicate and uncertain material that requires special attention. Being inspired by the beauty of the native land, the artist transfers images to paper using a glaze coat technique, where the layer of paint is put on the layers of each other to form a shiny color coating.

Students of the Academy of Arts presented Azat Annayev, who is the author of a number of publications on fine art, a small book consisting of the works of the art historian and articles about him.

The event has gathered the creative elite of Ashgabat, including actors, musicians, artists, sculptors and teachers who have educated several generations of talented artists, who congratulated Azat Annayev on the opening of personal exhibition. Lyudmila Ulakina, the first teacher of Azat Annayev at the Byashim Nurali Fine Arts School, delivered a welcome speech:

“I taught Azat only 4 years, during this period, I was noticed his talent as a teacher in future. Peers always gathered around him, as he could attract interest of everyone with his stories about painting. I am glad that I, as the first teacher, receive only good feedback about my student.”


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