Horse race in Turkmenabat: sports show and ethnographic flavour in the panorama of the festive event

Horse race in Turkmenabat: sports show and ethnographic flavour in the panorama of the festive event

Hippodrome in Turkmenabat hosted large competitions that gathered the jockeys across the country – the youngest to the most experienced, that is, the elderly one, who are called with respect “halypa” that means “mentor”.

A large-scale tournament was organized in honor of the Turkmen Horse Holiday, and it was look like an eastern town from a fairy tale as the territory of the equestrian complex was decorated with colorful ethnographic expositions and scenes.

Guests from the capital and other regions of Turkmenistan, as well as foreign diplomats who were also invited to the celebration event, enjoyed watching the performance of Lebap folk groups as the province is famous for its unique ensembles that continue the specific traditions of folk art.

All this colorful kaleidoscope of ancient handicrafts, original art, in combination with the modern culture trends has become a picturesque and melodic frame of the “highlight” of the horse race show.

Here, the emotions of the audience were rising from nomination to nomination, and if the gray-bearded aksakals looked at the young riders with tender emotion, encouraging them with cheers, then, in the senior categories, the passions ran high.

The race with the participation of the senior riders was the culmination of the competition. This is interesting not only because the experienced riders know how to make a show both spectacular and acrobatic, but they all are skilful and brave that make them all to be almost equal. It adds the intrigue to their battle.

In addition, at this age, they mainly ride the horses that they themselves educated and cherished “from the cradle” as the phrase is. And here, the result is much more important for the ward as the riders themselves had already many awards at such competitions. The horse has to feel the taste of victory, the will to win, in order to become an excellent sports horse.

This time, under the noise of the audience stands and the growing intonation of the commentators of the races, the rider from Dashoguz at his dark bay horse was first to cross the finish line. For the victory, the leading senior was awarded with a prize on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov – a sedan of a popular Japanese brand.

Winners of other festive race competitions were also awarded with valuable prizes.