High starts: in Ashgabat competitions in show jumping were held

High starts: in Ashgabat competitions in show jumping were held

The national holiday - Day of the Turkmen horse comes close. And annually on the occasion of a solemn event horse-racing complexes of Turkmenistan invite visitors to take pleasure in riding and to see swift-footed Akhalteke horses in all beauty.

Spectator stands of the Ashkhabad hippodrome since morning are jam-packed. cToday here thrilling competitions in show jumping are organized. The best equestrians of the country act on the open arena, overcoming an intricate obstacle course for a while.

The judiciary board considers each detail as soon as the sportsman drives comes out onto the arena. Appearance of the jockey also is regulated - the obligatory protective helmet, a convenient jacket, light breeches, Paddock boots and gloves. The refined equipment of the equestrian in show jumping, at least, gives aesthetic pleasure from elegance of equestrian sports.

Ashgabat fans have favourites. Habitues of competitions share impressions from passion with which the horse by name of Toichi acts. In tandem with the permanent equestrian Nikolai Beglaryan, an Akhalteke horse took high starts for several times, winning at competitions of international level, the "collection" of Toichi also holds a gold medal of the Asian Games -2017.

  • This year to competitions 13 participants are admitted, - member of the jury board Anna Sapegina speaks. - For 2 rounds sportsmen should show a maximum of the possibilities. The verified route is constructed in such a manner that equestrians move from simple to difficult, and for overcoming of obstacles points are added. The competitive moment is certainly stress, both for a racer, and for the equestrian, but after all an overall objective - overcoming.

From the commentator studio on the national holiday Annabairam Payayev congratulates all the gathered. The announcer makes comments on horse-racing actions from 1988, and for all this time of Annabairam became practically an expert in all that concerns races.

  • Show jumping is very entertainment sport, and my work as announcer consists in that, making comments, not to distract the spectator of that occurs on the arena, but to involve it in process, - Annabairam tells. - When I only began, it was necessary to conduct the live broadcast for 6 hours on end without the workmate or change. I made comments on everything that I saw, without stop. The main thing is not to be afraid of microphone and to remember that people listen to each word, therefore it is necessary to be as much as possible informative in this plan.

The today's result of competitions has turned out a little unexpected. In additional jump-off the horse Altynhan of Yazgeldy Garajayev took the lead, the second place went to the racer Terbash of Ezberguli Bablyev , and the third one to Toichi of Nikolai Beglaryan. Fazilya Zaripova starting on a black horse Vezipeli, has made a number of errors in the second round and, unfortunately, has slumped out of the standings.

It is the first start of my horse, but we did not expect that will reach the second round, - Fazilya Zaripova says. - I long could not find a common language with Vezipeli, and have decided that if I can reach the finish of the first round it would be still good. But the horse did not fail, having shown the potential to the full, therefore I am inclined to consider our result as positive.

Selbi Charyeva