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The 25-year-old Turkmen-German partnership in the field of healthcare is getting a new development

01.10.2023 | 23:55 |
 The 25-year-old Turkmen-German partnership in the field of healthcare is getting a new development

The development of cooperation in the field of healthcare was one of the main topics of the Turkmen-German business forum held in Berlin on September 29. The success of this interaction was mentioned by many speakers as an exemplary example of a reliable, time-tested partnership, and its prospects for the near future were discussed by Turkmen leaders of this sphere with top managers of German companies, in particular, Siemens Healthcare GmbH.

The plans include further modernization of medical institutions in Turkmenistan with a focus on digitalization and the introduction of the latest achievements of medical science and practice in cooperation with German specialists and developers.

This interaction has 25 years of experience. For the first time, cardiac surgeons from Germany came to Turkmenistan in 1998, together with their Turkmen colleagues, they began performing heart operations in children and adults at the International Medical Center of Cardiology. Since that time, the exchange of experience between German and Turkmen doctors has become systematic.

Since 2007, a joint research project with German specialists on gestational diabetes has been conducted at the Ene Mahri Center for Maternal and Child Health. The results obtained allow us to assess the frequency and severity of gestational diabetes at the regional level. Based on the materials of this research work, 5 candidate dissertations have been tested and prepared for defense.


In 2011, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany and a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ludwig Maximilian University Hospital II of Munich.

Since that time, Turkmen-German forums on healthcare have been held annually. Its participants consider topical issues of medical science and practice, the results of joint scientific research, professional development activities, the development of innovative technologies and methods of prevention, diagnosis and therapy of various diseases.

A close partnership with the informal organization Service of Senior Experts (SES) also continues. In the period 2011-2023 192 German professors were invited to Turkmenistan clinics for a long time to exchange experience. Experts conduct seminars in various areas, as well as train specialists in the workplace. Videoconferences between Turkmen and German doctors have also become regular. In recent years, about 400 Turkmen doctors have been specialized for a period of 1-3 months in well-known clinics in Germany.


In 2014, in Ashgabat, at the International Cardiology Center and in the hospital with the Scientific and Clinical Center of Cardiology, the implementation of another joint project of Turkmen and German doctors began, and since 2022, together with German colleagues, Turkmen specialists are conducting a scientific study on the prevention of cervical cancer in women aged 29-50 years by screening examination.

Over the years, medical centers of Turkmenistan have been equipped with the most modern equipment from such German concerns as Siemens, Nokia Siemens Network, Fresenius, Hospitalia International, etc.

22 German specialists were awarded state awards of Turkmenistan and the titles of honorary professor and honorary doctor of the Turkmen State Medical University named after Myrat Garryev.


Photo: footage of the Altyn Asyr TV channel

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