International experience – in the online conference at the Turkmen technical university

International experience – in the online conference at the Turkmen technical university

The International scientific-and-practical online conference organized by the Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan named after Oguz Han has gathered prominent scientists from Turkmenistan, Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, Romania and Vietnam. Representatives of the world’s leading research centers, industries, universities discussed promising projects for bilateral and multilateral partnerships, and also gave lectures.

The conference was attended by more than a hundred participants, including professors, students and scientists from a number of Japanese universities – the universities of Kanagawa, Hirosaki, Tohoku, Chiba, as well as Shinkosha company, a producer of crystals, Ho Chi Minh International University, Vietnam, Leibniz Research Institute for Crystal Growth, Germany, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania, “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse, Bulgaria.

Turkmenistan was represented by the Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Chemistry, the Technology Center, the State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the International University of Oil and Gas.

Teachers gave lectures on themes that are topical both in the world and Turkmenistan: production of polymers and nanomaterial, solar energy, robotics trends, nanoelectronics, production of artificial sapphire and ruby crystals, bioengineering and genetics, including cloning and ensuring the normal development of clones.

Students having stayed on-line from classes, laboratories and even squares, asked questions and made notes – most probably, many topics discussed during the video conferencing would be continued in further scientific reports and developments.

At the end of the videoconference, the phenomenon of Turkmen neutrality that to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year was emphasized. Today, the neutrality of Turkmenistan is not only a guarantee of political stability in the region, but also a supporting factor in establishing and developing scientific contacts.

According to the American chemist Robert Williams: “Science is international. Science at its best is also a fraternity. As in other areas of activity, we must recognize that in achieving our goals we stand on the shoulders of our predecessors and comrades.”

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