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Hungary is looking for new energy supply routes and sees “an excellent opportunity”

17.09.2023 | 22:05 |
 Hungary is looking for new energy supply routes and sees “an excellent opportunity”

Hungary is looking for new ways to supply oil and gas. As Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations Peter Szijjártó said in an interview with Bloomberg TV, great opportunities are opening up in this area thanks to cooperation with Turkiye, the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia, TASS reports.

“...We need new connections, new supply routes, and the Turkic states offer a very good opportunity to become a bridge between East and West,” the foreign minister said.

He recalled that Hungary signed a contract with Turkiye, according to which it will purchase 275 million cubic meters from it at the beginning of 2024. m of gas. The fuel will come “not through Turkiye, but from Turkiye itself, this is happening for the first time,” stressed Szijjártó, who answered questions from Bloomberg TV during a meeting with colleagues from the Organization of Turkic States held this week in Istanbul. Hungary has observer status in this organization.

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In addition, this year Hungary purchased 100 million cubic meters. m of gas from Azerbaijan, and in the future plans to receive it from Turkmenistan and Qatar, in connection with which it is negotiating with these countries.

Budapest consistently pursues a policy of diversifying the sources and routes of oil and gas supplies. At the same time, the Hungarian government has repeatedly emphasized that at the current stage it sees no alternative to energy supplies from Russia and that diversification does not mean abandoning cooperation with trusted partners.


Photo: Facebook / Szijjártó Péter

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