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Afghanistan sent a business attache to Turkey

12.09.2023 | 20:47 |
 Afghanistan sent a business attache to Turkey

A representative of the Afghan Ministry of Industry and Trade said that a new business attache was presented in Turkey.

Akhundzada Abdul Salama Javad said that since the Islamic Emirate came to power, he has sent trade attaches to Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Turkey, TOLOnews reports.

According to the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Afghanistan, Tvakal Ahmadyar, the presence of a business attache will improve Afghanistan's trade with foreign countries.

"The goal of our embassies is to work in the economic sector so that our country becomes better. The priority of our ambassadors in each country is to work on our economy," he said.

The ministry said that efforts are being made to attract more attaches to various countries.

The commercial attache of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ashgabat was presented in May 2023.

Turkey has become the fourth country to have an Afghan trade attache. Recently, a high-ranking representative of the Taliban on economic issues, Abdul Ghani Baradar, met with the Turkish Minister of Commerce in Istanbul and discussed investment, industrial parks, organization of exhibitions and development of small and medium-sized businesses between Kabul and Ankara.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the first four months of the solar year (from March to July 2013), Afghanistan's trade turnover with Turkey reached $ 28 million, of which $ 5 million was exported. Afghanistan sells mainly almonds, carpets, cow skins, cotton and dried apricots to Turkey.



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