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Humane will introduce a screenless smartphone replacement on the day of the solar eclipse in October

20.08.2023 | 17:33 |
 Humane will introduce a screenless smartphone replacement on the day of the solar eclipse in October

Startup Humane, founded by former Apple employees, will share details about a mysterious AI-powered wearable device it is developing on the day of a solar eclipse this fall, co-founder Imran Chaudhry said. The astronomical event will take place on October 14th.

The device, called Humane Ai Pin, is positioned as a gadget that can replace a smartphone. It can be worn on clothing and uses a range of sensors that provide interaction with contextual and ambient computing.

In April, Mr. Chaudhry glimpsed a mysterious device in the breast pocket of his jacket and demonstrated how it worked. He answered a phone call from his wife and company co-founder, Bethany Bongiorno, without pressing any buttons—a simple hello was enough. The gadget translated the phrase spoken by its owner into French, voicing the translation in his own voice. The device showed that it can monitor e-mail, messages and calendar events, however, the inventor did not specify at that time how exactly this works.

There are not many details about the project yet, but it is known that the device does not need to be connected to a smartphone or other gadget to work - it is completely autonomous. The device is devoid of a display, which is replaced by a projector that supplies an image to nearby objects or directly to the user's palm, and voice and gesture commands are used to control the gadget.

So far, there are more questions than answers, and it is hoped that during the event scheduled for October 14, Humane will offer the audience more details, The Verge writes.

“In October, an incredible celestial phenomenon will happen - an eclipse. The eclipse is an important symbol for us. This is a new spiritual beginning, that's what it means. The whole world is watching this and rallying. We certainly look forward to this special moment on such a day,” Imran Chaudhry said. “We can’t wait – all of us – to walk down the street and see how people use what we have created,” Bethany Bongiorno added.

The secretive startup has raised $230 million in funding from investors including Microsoft, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Qualcomm Ventures, and personally OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman.



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