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Li-Fi technology is the future of wireless networks

15.08.2023 | 11:47 |
 Li-Fi technology is the future of wireless networks

Wi-Fi wireless network technology has firmly entered our lives, becoming an integral part of it. However, Wi-Fi already has a strong competitor in the making. This is a new Li-Fi technology (Light Fidelity), which, according to expectations, promises to open up new opportunities for the future of wireless networks by providing higher data transfer speeds.

Unlike Wi-Fi, where communication is done via radio waves, Li-Fi uses visible light in open space without a waveguide as a communication channel. Due to the rapid on-off of the LEDs (which is not perceived by the human eye), these signals are received and converted by special receivers.

So Li-Fi technology through LED lamps forms a network with high bandwidth. The transmission of light from the source to the receiver becomes possible thanks to special structures - light guides.

The data transfer rate in Li-Fi can reach 224 Gbps. This greatly exceeds the maximum Wi-Fi speed. Let's give an example to understand these possibilities: in one second, you can download 18 movies of 1.5 GB each!

The new technology also excels in its ability to be used in areas where the use of radio waves is undesirable. These include hospitals, aircraft, etc.

Already today, Li-Fi technology has been used as pilot projects for the public Internet in a number of areas, including aviation.

Along with the advantages, Li-Fi today has several significant disadvantages. However, work on them continues and, according to experts, the new, in fact, revolutionary technology has every chance in the coming years to declare itself as the most breakthrough discovery in the field of high technologies.



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