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Media giants call for settlement with AI authors

14.08.2023 | 12:44 |
 Media giants call for settlement with AI authors

The largest media organizations in the world in an open letter to politicians call for maximum transparency in the process of training generative models of artificial intelligence.

The authors of the message are convinced that an ill-conceived attitude to the development of new technologies, in particular AI, can negatively affect the media ecosystem, violating public confidence in their independence and the quality of published materials.

The letter also states that priority should be given to ensuring the transparency of training datasets, the consent of intellectual property owners to use their developments, as well as collective bargaining between media groups and authors of artificial intelligence models.

The importance of the participation of prominent political figures in setting standards for the use of AI was also noted.

Among the media representatives who signed the letter are representatives of the European Publishers' Council, Agence France-Presse, European Pressphoto Agency, Gannett | USA TODAY Network, Getty Images, National Press Photographers Association.



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