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A new garbage firing field will make Tashkent free of trash

21.07.2023 | 21:29 |
 A new garbage firing field will make Tashkent free of trash

Its construction is planned to be completed in November. The first technological firing field of household waste will appear in the Tashkent region. Pipes for pumping landfill gas and subsequent electricity production will be installed on its territory, the press service of the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change of Uzbekistan reports.

30 hectares were allocated for the field, of which 25 hectares are intended directly for waste collection. The entire territory will be covered with geotextile and geogrid. The bottom of the landfill will be a solid sealed pool that will protect the soil, groundwater and atmosphere from negative impacts. In addition, water will be pumped out of the landfill.

The project also provides for the installation of special pipes for pumping landfill gas, and it is planned to generate methane and produce electricity from it.

The landfill is designed for 15-20 years and can hold about 20 million tons of garbage. The cost of the project is estimated at $16 million and is funded by the Asian Development Bank.



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