Google unveiled an AI Program for Healthcare Startups

Google unveiled an AI Program for Healthcare Startups

The American company Google has introduced its own artificial intelligence (AI) program for healthcare startups AI for Health, which is designed to improve medical care worldwide.

This initiative is part of the corporation's efforts to promote research in the field of healthcare and AI in medicine. The main goal of the initiative is to provide safe AI technologies to health professionals for conducting research in the field of healthcare.

Currently, artificial intelligence models are being created and tested within this platform, which should solve the global problem of a shortage of doctors and limited access to modern diagnostic tools for diseases in some countries of the world.

In addition, the company is focused on creating new tools using machine learning that should increase the availability and accuracy of medical services in the world. The system learns to extract medical knowledge, accurately answer questions related to medicine and justify conclusions.

Google is also partnering with healthcare organizations around the world to conduct research to improve healthcare.