China has introduced a children's smartphone with total parental control

China has introduced a children's smartphone with total parental control

Chinese technology giant Baidu has introduced the first smartphone tutor for children Xiaodu Qinghe with tracking function.

Xiaodu Qinghe works on the basis of a special firmware offering the user a wide range of educational opportunities.

A virtual tutor with voice assistant functions is located on the main screen of the device. With its help, the child will be able to read books, complete tasks, study new topics, play chess, keep a diary and much more related to study. The gadget also contains over a thousand built-in textbooks and 30 thousand courses in various subjects.

A young user can listen to audiobooks, take online courses with the support of artificial intelligence, as well as test their knowledge with the help of tests and lectures from a chatbot.

All completed tasks can be scanned — neural networks will check the correctness and give feedback. The main feature of the smart device is that it allows the user's parents to monitor his learning by connecting to a smartphone via remote access. In addition, parents can stay informed of their child's location with an accuracy of 10 meters, see the environment through the camera, delete unnecessary contacts from his phone. The smartphone will allow parents to view photos, videos, correspondence and other information on the device.

Moreover, the smartphone is able to notify parents about its use in inappropriate conditions, for example, lying down or in poor lighting.