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New Year Express is already in Ashgabat

17.12.2019 | 23:29 |
 New Year Express is already in Ashgabat

A mere two weeks before the New Year holiday, and a festive mess has already started in Ashgabat: evening shows, including open area programs on free access basis are launched by concert and entertainment organizations.

The whole city, almost its every square meter, is covered with illumination, by the saturation of which it is easy to find the way to the epicenters of mass fun. One of them is the Alley of Inspiration in the very center of the capital.

Light arches, disco music and an exciting, wave-like rhythm of voices of many people attract passers-by to look into this “laser garden”, made of the alley, its trees, lawns and fountains with color spotlights, projectors and other ilumination that creates the effect of magic in New Year’s Eve.

There are several simultaneous “platforms” here. The loudest one with animated clowns, entertainers and cartoon characters is for babies. While the children, laughing, repeat dance steps or compete in games, fathers-mothers-grandmothers-grandfathers form a very mobile perimeter, following the musical tempo and cheering on the kids.

After, there is a platform for youth, while in another segment of the park there is a large iridescent New Year tree with people dancing around: pensioners with grandchildren, young parents with kids in their arms, boys and girls – people of all ages.

In addition, ice cream bars, soft drinks & snack bars, “car rent” centers for children and cafes can be found here. For “selfie not fan” categories, in the park, there are many tantamares, a banner with the image of various characters for photographing with a hole for the face.

While walking here, one can realize that the New Year holiday has already arrived, it captivates, energizes, frees everyday layers and gives wonderful expectations from the future, faith in their fulfillment and energy to fulfill the plan.

And there are many more similar sites have opened in the capital! We will share with you in our next reports.


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