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IPhoneography: a mobile approach to photography

04.12.2019 | 15:29 |
 IPhoneography: a mobile approach to photography

With the advent of gadgets with integrated cameras, the photographic art becomes more accessible and popular. A picture taken with a smartphone can sometimes replace frames caught in a super lens of a professional camera. IPhoneography, one of branches of the mobilography genre (shooting by a mobile device), has become widespread popularity among users of social networks. This hobby did not bypass Turkmenistan. Among the most active Ashgabat iPhoneographs is Rada Niyazova.

  • I have been engaged in mobile photography tree years, and this creative process has fully captivated me. It began with those mobiles in which the camera had a resolution of about three megapixels. Now, when the technology is bordering on fantasy, it is possible to successfully take both art and reportage photos by smartphones.

Rada explains the advantages of shooting by a smartphone:

  • This is a compact device that is always at hand. I take pictures, immediately process them in special applications, and then they are easy to share through the Internet. The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to shoot in the dark or in low light, when additional lamps and an electrical connection are required. Apart from that, it is nothing but advantages.

Rada Niyazova prefers the portrait genre, and her favorite theme is the family. It is difficult for some people to relax in front of the camera lens. This particularly applies to men who are not inclined to pose for shooting. But the smartphone is quite familiar and does not cause discomfort.

Rada even gives master classes in iPhoneography. Generously sharing the secrets of shooting, she attracts everyone who is interested.

  • I have 4 smartphones, each for a separate purpose. No, I would not like to open a photo studio, since shooting on an open-air plane is much more interesting. Our weather conditions perfectly fit for this. But I would like to advise beginner iPhonographers not to be afraid and take pictures of everything - cats, leaves in the yard... Experience comes in practice.

Many owners of smartphones, although they use the built-in camera, do not know even half the capabilities of their gadget and hardly use in practice all the available settings. IPhoneography is another interesting way to test your mobile, because, as Ben Lowy, whose photo taken by the iPhone was one of the first to appear in the Time magazine’s cover, said: “Everyone has a pen, but not everyone is able to draw”.


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