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Turkmenistan studies foreign experience in cybersecurity

02.12.2019 | 11:26 |
 Turkmenistan studies foreign experience in cybersecurity

A seminar on raising awareness in the field of cybersecurity was held at the office of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. It was conducted by specialists of the Turkish company "STM Cyber".

According to the SPPT website, representatives of state and private structures, including companies working in the field of IT and IT security, were invited to participate in the presentation event.

The participants were familiarized with the STM Cyber business lines, creating IT products and services in the field of information technologies. The company's specialists offered their experience in analyzing and assessing cyber security risks to prevent cyber attacks.

Recently, the President of Turkmenistan approved the draft law on cybersecurity. The document defines the order and specifics of ensuring the security of information infrastructure in strategically important industries.

Cyber defense is subject to communication systems of all forms of ownership, in which national information resources are processed and used in the interests of state authorities and local self-government, law enforcement agencies and military units, in the areas of e-government, e-government services, e-commerce, electronic document management.

The agency “Turkmenvyaz” of the Ministry of Industry and Communication of Turkmenistan created a cybersecurity service.

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