New ORIENT app: updated design and improved functionality

New ORIENT app: updated design and improved functionality

Recently, in App Store and Google Play, an updated version of the ORIENT app has become available for download. A lot has changed in the application and on the site, and we decided to remind you once again what innovations are now available to users.

The key change is the division of the site into four global sections: "News", "Articles", "Posters" and "Media".

Have you looked into the app to quickly get aware of the main events? In the "News" section you will find everything you need without being distracted by other formats.

Have you come to ORIENT for interesting stories and detailed comments? The Articles section will help you find exclusive materials from our regular and invited authors that you will not find anywhere else.

Looking for somewhere to go and what to do in your free time? The "Posters" section will become your guide to cinemas, theaters and concert venues of the country. You can also find important announcements and just useful information in it.

In the Media section, you can find ORIENT's photo and video reports, as well as interesting materials from our media partners.

Update the ORIENT app for devices based on iOS and Android . Stay up to date with the main news of Turkmenistan and the world!