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A city of national significance – for the first time in national history: briefing at the Foreign Ministry

29.03.2023 | 07:07 |
 A city of national significance – for the first time in national history: briefing at the Foreign Ministry

The new Turkmen city of Arkadag, which is being built in the foothills of Kopetdag, in an area associated with the origins of the national chronicle, and embodying the modern achievements of independent neutral Turkmenistan, is intended to become a major scientific, educational, cultural cluster and the center of the country's international life.

The concept of this megaproject was initially based on guidelines for advanced urban planning practices in the global trend of creating "smart" cities with ecological and humane dimensions. As it was implemented, the project of such a grand scale and flagship significance led to the question of the legal consolidation of the status of the city of Arkadag in the legislation of Turkmenistan as a city of state significance. This regulatory document was adopted on March 23, 2023 and signed by the President of Turkmenistan on the same day, and published in the official press on March 24 and entered into force.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov spoke about the main provisions of this document at a briefing on Tuesday with the participation of heads of embassies, offices of international organizations, representatives of local and foreign media.

First, the law defines the legal status of the city of Arkadag, as well as the legal, organizational and other bases for the activities of state bodies related to the implementation of city functions. All these issues are under the jurisdiction of the State and are resolved by the central authorities. Secondly, ministries, departments and their heads in coordination with the Government of Turkmenistan and the Mayor of the city of Arkadag carry out the creation of local executive authorities and the appointment of their heads.


Third, this law clearly establishes the competence of the mayor of the city of Arkadag, who is appointed by the president and is accountable to him, and establishes the main tasks of law enforcement activities in the city.

Fourth, the law for the first time gives a clear definition of such legal categories as the population of the city and its property. These articles are formulated on the basis of the current legislation of Turkmenistan and relevant international legal norms.

Fifth, as noted in the law, the financial, material and technical support of the city is provided on the basis of national legislation.

Normative legal acts were also adopted on the establishment of two districts (etraps) in the city of Arkadag - Karizek and Gorjav, taking into account geographical and historical features, socio-economic, demographic and other factors.

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Rashid Meredov noted that the appearance of the Arkadag city on the political map of Turkmenistan, the decision to build it was made in accordance with the initiative of the national leader, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, aroused great interest in the international community. This is evidenced by letters and messages received by the Foreign Ministry from foreign countries and from international organizations.

Representatives of various international organizations have already visited the city of Arkadag. These include the missions of the Community of Nations – the UN Specialized Agency for Industrial Development (UNIDO), the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), etc.

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According to another speaker, chairman of the State Committee for the Construction of the city of Arkadag Deryageldi Orazov, the main task that was set for the builders was not to invade nature, but on the contrary, to take care of it, take into account all its features and use them for the benefit of residents.

Special attention was paid to the protection of water resources. A system for collecting rain and drainage water has been created in the new city to use it for watering green spaces. There are many orchards with fruit trees and vineyards around the city. There are also plantations of coniferous trees. The total area of green spaces around the city is 2,370 hectares.

In addition, during the construction of the city, the relief of the foothill terrain was studied and a decision was made to build a self-protective structure. The designers also took into account the wind rose.

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In support of the status of an eco-city, a decision was made according to which public transport in the city of Arkadag will be electric-powered, bike paths are laid in park areas that are located around residential buildings, children's and sports grounds are provided in each yard, as well as exercise equipment for active recreation.

A tactile path has been laid on the territory of the city for people with visual impairment, its total length is 134 km.

Six medical institutions have already been built in the city of Arkadag, in which the latest equipment is installed, where residents can receive timely medical care, Deryageldi Orazov stressed. As for the exterior, it took about 1 million 400 thousand square meters of marble for the cladding of city buildings.


As part of the municipal economy, the construction of a control room has been organized, in which the operation of elevators in all buildings of the city is monitored. Meters and sensors are installed in residential buildings, which are integrated into a single network, which will help to account for utilities and protect apartment residents from undesirable consequences.

Video surveillance cameras are installed in the city, which are designed not only to register offenses, but also to provide timely assistance to people in an emergency. The 112 service is also being created on this base, which will interact directly with the security service. For high-quality communication, cables with fiber-optic cables have been laid throughout the city, which allows us to provide new communication services.


It is also noteworthy that students of domestic universities and young specialists were involved in the preparation of city construction projects and the development of programs for its smart systems. It was also reported that a tender for the construction of the second stage of the city of Arkadag will be held soon.

During the briefing, representatives of the Turkmen side answered the questions of the participants of the meeting.



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