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What do young voters think about their role in the elections?

26.03.2023 | 23:48 |
 What do young voters think about their role in the elections?

Elections to the parliament and local representative authorities were held in Turkmenistan on Sunday, so a lively atmosphere reigned in Ashgabat in the morning, unlike the usual, "quiet" weekend morning.

In total, the Central Election Commission registered 470 thousand 239 voters in the capital, for the expression of their will, polling stations were opened, mainly located in the buildings of universities and schools that hosted numerous guests on this day. In addition, the organizers tried to create a festive atmosphere, both in the exterior design and musical accompaniment.

ORIENT looked into one of these polling stations, located at the University of Engineering and Technology. Oguz Han, and watched the progress of the process.


A large number of young people, including girls, immediately caught my eye. According to the members of the electoral precinct commission, this is the main trend of the current elections. Which, however, is not surprising - modern youth engaged in scientific and creative activities are inherently proactive. Knowledge and practical skills are certainly necessary for a young specialist, but we should not forget such important qualities as legal literacy, political culture, a firm civic position and responsibility.

The activity of Turkmen youth in the elections testifies to the awareness of young men and women of their own role in the management of state affairs, including in the formation of representative authorities, understanding of their political right to elect and be elected.


In other words, young people can be distinguished as a separate active social group with a penchant for bold ideas, fresh approaches, lack of stereotypes, with energy and aspiration.

ORIENT talked to some young voters, asking them how they perceive their participation in the vote. The answer turned out to be collective, since everyone continued and complemented the general idea, and if it is presented in a concentrated form, it sounds like this:

― Today it is impossible not to be interested in politics. We are now living in a period of active change, when everything around us is changing, and we ourselves. Our President called on young people to participate more actively in the modernization of the country, and not only in the scientific and technological sphere, but also in the social and political. Therefore, it is impossible to stand aside when there is a choice of the future development of the country, its governance, because this is a chance for each of us to contribute to the construction of a strong, independent and prosperous Homeland.

Artur Petrosyants

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