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Turkmen teachers participate in an internship in Naples on urban technologies

27.03.2023 | 01:13 |
 Turkmen teachers participate in an internship in Naples on urban technologies

Turkmen university professors participate in a two-week internship at the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II on the topic of adaptation of the city to climate change and reducing the economic, social and environmental vulnerability of urban settlements against the background of modern climate challenges.

Specialists from Turkmenistan are in Naples as part of the Central Asian delegation, which also includes their colleagues from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Forty teachers will take the course under the guidance of TeMALab professors, a research laboratory engaged in higher education and scientific consulting on the organization of urban areas and the environment.

TeMALab includes in a single bundle such areas as land use, energy conservation, disaster and emergency risk management, transport mobility, development of smart city systems and territorial marketing.

Teachers will participate in training courses and practical trainings aimed at supporting the introduction of a new master's degree at universities in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan in order to train professionals capable of managing economic, social and environmental adaptation.

These courses represent the first opportunity for face-to-face meeting of partners in Europe with researchers and teachers from Turkmenistan after the pandemic period with its travel restrictions, which makes the event even more important and emphasizes the need for closer international ties in overcoming global challenges.



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