Landscaping campaign-2023 launched in Turkmenistan

Landscaping campaign-2023 launched in Turkmenistan

A large—scale landscaping campaign has begun in Turkmenistan today, which traditionally takes place twice a year - in spring and autumn. Employees of various structures and students take part in the planting of seedlings.

This year, about 3 million seedlings will be planted, half of which will be located in the foothills of Kopetdag, in the suburbs of the capital. During the planting, all climatic features are taken into account, so in recent years the plantings have acquired a "deciduous" character.

So, near the town of Arkadag, Eldar pine, mulberry and apple trees are planted, along the trails — barberry, birch bark, juniper and acacia. Deciduous trees provide more effective protection from solar radiation, and also satisfy the feeding needs of the local fauna.

Traditionally, pine, tuja and Arizona cypresses are planted near farmlands, administrative centers, industrial zones and inside large Turkmen cities.

The landscaping campaign is taking place within the framework of the National Forest Program of Turkmenistan for the period 2021-2025, which is designed to offset the consequences of environmental problems such as desertification.