ES Ýigit became the first in Turkmenistan to receive the Global G.A.P. certificate

ES Ýigit became the first in Turkmenistan to receive the Global G.A.P. certificate

Economic Society Ýigit was the first in Turkmenistan to receive the Global G.A.P. international certificate, which confirms that the company's products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental parameters.

Ýigit is one of the largest tomato producers in the country. The greenhouse complex of the economic society is located in the Kaka district of the Ahal region and covers an area of 34 hectares. The company employs more than 600 people who demonstrate a high level of professionalism every day. In the foreign market, the company is known for products under the Mahmal Agroproduct brand.

ХО Ýigit первым в Туркменистане получило сертификат Global G.A.P.

The greenhouses of ES Ýigit from a height of flight

How did ES Ýigit get the Global G.A.P. certificate?

To obtain the Global G.A.P. certificate, the company has undergone a strict audit. The independent certification organization Control Union Certifications highly appreciated all aspects of the production process at the enterprise: from seed selection to packaging and storage of finished products. Quality control systems, tracking of the goods' path from the manufacturer to the consumer (tracing), risk management and environmental protection were also analyzed.

To obtain the Global G.A.P. certificate, Ýigit has implemented the strictest standards and regulations in its work. For example, an economic society uses only safe and internationally approved pesticides and fertilizers to protect its tomatoes from pests and diseases.

The certification was carried out with the assistance of the Program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) "Trade Central Asia". Turkmen company Standart Hyzmat performed as a consultant.

What other standards and regulations does ES Ýigit comply with in its production?

The company ensures a high level of hygiene at its plant and warehouses. All employees undergo a strict medical examination before starting work and wear special uniforms, gloves when handling tomatoes. The company has its own laundry, where it regularly washes employees' work clothes to ensure the maximum possible cleanliness in production.

ХО Ýigit первым в Туркменистане получило сертификат Global G.A.P.

Perfect cleanliness in the greenhouses of the ES Ýigit

Also, the greenhouse complex complies with all requirements for food safety during transportation and storage of tomatoes. Ýigit uses only clean and suitable containers that protect tomatoes from damage and contamination. Employees monitor temperature and humidity in warehouses and trucks to maintain product quality.

In general, obtaining a Global G.A.P. certificate is a very complex process. The certification covers more than 40 standards that are constantly updated and adapted to different regions and cultures.

In addition, all partners of the enterprise must meet high standards. This means that every company that cooperates with Ýigit also has its own certificates of local or international level, for example, from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

What are the advantages of the Global G.A.P. certificate?

With the certificate, Ýigit guarantees its customers and consumers complete transparency and traceability of products from farm to table. It also contributes to increasing the level of trust and cooperation between various links in the agricultural sector of Turkmenistan.

ХО Ýigit первым в Туркменистане получило сертификат Global G.A.P.

Fresh tomatoes from ES Ýigit under the Mahmal Agroproduct trademark

Certification according to the Global G.A.P. standard provides the company with a number of advantages for business development. Among them is the expansion of export opportunities, increasing competitiveness in the domestic market.

Obtaining the Global G.A.P. certificate confirms the leadership of ES Ýigit in the industry and reflects the company's commitment to continuous growth and improvement. The company intends to use the received document as an incentive for further business development and increasing supplies abroad.