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President of Turkmenistan presents bikes to Ashgabat orphanage

30.10.2019 | 10:03 |
 President of Turkmenistan presents bikes to Ashgabat orphanage

Ashgabat Orphanage often sees guests of honor, who don’t come without gifts, including the President of Turkmenistan. Today is a holiday again - the head of state donated bicycles to the pupils of the Orphanage.

All these best examples of modern two-wheeled vehicle modifications were presented to Berdimuhamedov for various significant occasions related to sports and the environment. And now the “presidential" bicycles, on which the head of state took part in mass recreational activities, became the property of the children from the Dovletliler Palace - this is the name of the orphanage in Ashgabat.

Representatives of the government and other leaders, including university rectors, came to hand over gifts — and this is a whole batch of “tricked-out” bicycles. They were met by music, songs and dances by the young talents of the Palace, known for its creative traditions and children's groups, which more than once became laureates of international art festivals.

With delight, the guys got behind the wheels of the donated bicycles, studying their “character” in business. And then they took part in a bike ride in which athletes and just lovers of this sport were involved, many supporters of outdoor activities and followers of a healthy lifestyle. The run finished in the very center of the capital - on Independence Square.

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