Mademoiselle Govher Gouverne – the story of a fashion designer

Mademoiselle Govher Gouverne – the story of a fashion designer

Has a little girl from the provincial town of Dashoguz ever thought that one day she will become a famous fashion designer and will live and teach in Paris at the Advanced School of Fashion? She will be addressed only as a professor, and students will catch her every word to learn how to create outfits that will conquer catwalks in different countries of the world. Rather, it was a childhood dream, for the realization of which you first need to buy a ticket to the same Paris. This will definitely happen, but later. And until that day, a whole life and a lot of events will pass before the story of the Turkmen Frenchwoman who conquered the Champs-Elysees begins.


In her early childhood, Govher Gouverne-Pirkulieva, now a sought–after French couturier and a teacher at the Paris fashion school, had no idea about the haute couture industry, and heard about France and the French language only from TV screens. But, as they say, the stars came together, and she became a recognized fashion designer in Paris and took her place in this field. But for the Turkmen audience, she still remains "terra incognita" or it would be more correct to say - Mademoiselle Riddle named Govher Gouverne.


By the way, the stars in Govher's life always converged at the most crucial moments and radically changed her fate, turned her upside down and, sometimes, even had to start everything from scratch. But, despite everything, she did not betray her dream. And it's probably true that dreams are loved by people who are bold, confident in themselves and their purpose, and, of course, a little daring. And Govher herself believes that if you really want something, the whole universe strives to help you. You just need to be able to hear it and see the signs.


Appropriate audacity has always helped Govher through life. For example, as a child, she independently decided to study at a Russian school, although her parents documented her in a class with a Turkmen language of instruction. Without informing anyone, she goes to the first grade at the school, which is located at the other end of the city. It was not easy to get there and back, but this did not stop the seven-year-old girl. Two weeks later, the family found out about her "trick" and, after weighing all the pros and cons, gave her the go-ahead to continue her studies at a Russian school.


― If all this time, without creating problems, she went to classes so far, then let her stay and study, - her mother said at the family council, Govher tells with a smile.

She grew up in a large family and, as is customary among Turkmens, a girl is an assistant in the house and all household chores are on her shoulders. But she always had a needle and thread at hand – she was remodeling a school uniform, an apron, or sewing dresses and skirts that were bought for her. She made her first ties at the age of five, and already at 10 - she earned her first money on tailoring. Her neighbor sewed costumes for the local House of Culture, and Govher ran to her to watch and help, it was all so interesting to her.


― I took and sewed everything that came to hand — I turned a piece of old fabric into a ball gown for a doll, cut sheets, tulle and curtains into a skirt for myself. I was fascinated by everything related to needlework and creativity," says Govher.

A little older, in high school, she is already starting to create stylish dresses for herself. And every appearance in such an outfit made a splash among the residents of a small town, who asked to sew them the same beauty. So Govher becomes the trendsetter and the No. 1 dressmaker in her city, and the queue to get to her is lined up for months ahead. She not only dresses her clients, but also creates a fashion trend in clothing and becomes a sought-after master. It would seem that what else is needed? After all, there is a favorite craft and a constant income. But that wasn't enough for her..


After finishing school, Govher decides to enter a university. But, by coincidence, he does not get into an educational institution, although he passes the exams successfully. And then another period of her life begins – Ashgabat, where she moves and graduates from the Gulrukh sewing school and opens her atelier.


I gained clients very quickly – after all, high-quality tailoring, even with an abundance of tailors and sewing workshops, is always a rarity. And Govher's innate perfectionism helps her create flawless dresses that even very capricious customers are satisfied with.


Here she already began to try herself as a fashion designer and offered outfits that she invented and developed herself. Govher Pirkulieva had no end of those who wanted to be served. Time passed. She set up the business and began to earn enough for a metropolitan life.


There are new friends, acquaintances, communication with different people. Foreign women began to come to the studio to make an order. And that's when Govher decided that she wanted to speak freely with them in their language. She passes the entrance exams to the Azadi Institute of World Languages and becomes a student of the Romano-Germanic Faculty of the French Language Department.


Student life was no less interesting and eventful, but the main event of that period was a meeting with her future husband, a Frenchman who was working in Ashgabat at that time. Apparently, the stars have come together again over Govher and, accidentally coming to the French Institute, she meets her current spouse, with whom a friendship begins, which develops into a great love.


It may seem that the "happy end" is already close. But no.. The path to family happiness turned out to be quite thorny – Govher's parents categorically did not support the desire of the lovers to get married, and then the groom is transferred to work in another country. The couple breaks up and it seems that the love story is over.

But the Universe intervenes again - the Frenchman in love returns to Ashgabat, a second matchmaking takes place and voila! They get married and go to Paris together. A completely different stage of life begins there – studying at the Paris Higher School of Fashion, the birth of two beautiful daughters, cooperation with leading fashion houses and famous couturiers, the creation of their unique collections and shows on the world's catwalks.

At the peak of these achievements, Govher Gouverneh reappears in Ashgabat. And not just, but with the first show of his Baroque collection, which took place at the Yildiz Hotel at the celebration of the Independence Day of France. The outfits of the Turkmen Frenchwoman, in which she "sang" Turkmen velvet, conquered the capital's fashionistas, and they almost immediately after the show dismantled exclusive dresses from Govher.


Leaving home for Paris, Govher promised to return to Ashgabat and create her own design studio here, where she will work on new collections for Turkmen fans. She kept her word – the workshop is open and now the designer is working on a magnificent summer collection called "Charming Caspian". Outfits with a marine theme, made in a romantic style, can be seen already at the spring fashion show.

The studio is not the only project of Govher Gouverne. She plans to organize training seminars, master classes and other events in the Turkmen fashion industry. I will not get ahead of myself and reveal my cards ahead of time. However, I promise to continue to tell you about all the news related to the elegant and mysterious Frenchwoman of Turkmen origin.

Gulya Geldieva