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Digital documents in Kyrgyzstan have replaced paper ones

27.01.2023 | 00:22 |
 Digital documents in Kyrgyzstan have replaced paper ones

Kyrgyzstanis have started using digital documents – a passport, a driver's license and a technical passport for a car are now available in the Tunduk public services application, the Kyrgyz press reports.

The electronic version of the document has equivalent force with the original. For example, you can no longer carry a driver's license with you, and the story when you are deprived of a car for at least a day at home because of a forgotten license is a thing of the past.

All documents can be stored in the Public Services application. The innovation will simplify life for everyone - it will save time and nerves, as well as paper originals will be kept intact at home. There is no need to digitize them additionally. If the user has a digital signature and a public services application, the necessary data will be displayed in it.

Also, the new resource allows citizens to receive more than 40 additional public services online, including certificates of payments and debts. From the comfort of your home or office, you can now see what contributions to the social fund you have already made for the entire time of work or get a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus in a matter of seconds. All personal data is protected by the state, the Ministry of Finance of the country notes.


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