Tractor "Belarus" now with a Chinese "heart"

Tractor "Belarus" now with a Chinese "heart"

Reliable, economical and budgetary - this is what the designers say about the new Chinese engine, which was equipped with the flagship Belarus tractor. Its power is 350 horsepower. Now the unit is being tested and this year it will go to work in real conditions, Belarusian media write.

Previously, American and European engines were installed on the top models of Belarus. But the deliveries stopped, however, a replacement was quickly found, and not only for the engine. By the time the Belarusian hydraulics and the Russian navigation system came, the report says.

When installing an engine from China, the main changes affected the control system, fuel equipment, air cleaner and muffler. Two engines were handed over for testing, one of which is already being tested at the plant's test site, and the second is being assembled.

Chinese partners are ready to supply 100 such systems every month. The new units will be serviced by a Belarusian-Chinese company - a resident of the industrial park "Great Stone" near Minsk.