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Turkmen enterprise plans to export computer equipment

09.09.2019 | 11:44 |
 Turkmen enterprise plans to export computer equipment

The Joint Venture Agzybirlik Tilsimat, founded in October 2018, merged the Turkmen Computer Technology Center under the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations with the leading Chinese Companies Hengsheng Lianhua Investment Management Co. Ltd. and Tongfang Hongkong Limited in order to launch the joint production of computer equipment in Turkmenistan.

Today, Agzybirlik Tilsimat is engaged in the assembly and supplies of computer hardware and software to the domestic market of Turkmenistan, ensuring the implementation of the Economy Digitalization Concept.

This year, the company produced 80 thousand training devices for first-graders. The device is designed in the form of a netbook, and provides an opportunity to study the elementary school programme through a game-based activity. In addition, the Agzybirlik Tilsimat product list includes monoblocks, personal computers, netbooks, laptops, ultrabooks and tablets.

Finished equipment is competitive both in performance and price. It also has a high degree of reliability and compatibility with various operating systems and software products.

An official partnership with Intel, Microsoft, Ititda and other major players in the market provided the opportunity for Agzybirlik Tilsimat to offer computer equipment at competitive prices.

The plans include the supplies to the domestic market of Turkmenistan, as well as exports of computer equipment.

In addition to manufacturing equipment, Agzybirlik Tilsimat supports the digitalization trend. The company is already connecting state shops of Turkmenistan to a special online trading platform. They will be integrated into a single system with the Ministry of Trade and warehouses. That is, a complete analysis of the market will be conducted, and information on the shortage or surplus of a product will be transmitted directly to the parent organization.

Of course, this all is impossible without solving the personnel issue. Agzybirlik Tilsimat offers a personnel retraining program for their project participants.

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