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Blitz Chess: Think and play at lightning speed (+tutorial video)

29.11.2022 | 04:17 |
 Blitz Chess: Think and play at lightning speed (+tutorial video)

The two-day Turkmenistan Blitz Chess Championship has started in Ashgabat. 10 rounds were played on Saturday.

Without going into details, we note that the composition of the participants in the blitz championship turned out to be more representative than the rapid – rapid chess championship that ended the day before.

In total, 46 representatives of the stronger sex and 22 representatives of the beautiful half of society participate in the blitz championship.


The chairman of the Federation, Vepa Myalikgulyev, explained to us what blitz chess is like:

– Translated from German, "blitz" – blitz – means "lightning". This is the name of a type of chess, where minutes are given for the whole game, according to different rules, and seconds are given for moves. Therefore, chess players, in order to meet the time allotted for the game, make lightning-like moves in terms of speed, so to speak. And in such cases, it is necessary not only to think quickly, but also to make decisions and act with lightning speed. In addition, the athlete needs the ability to concentrate as much as possible during the entire game – even a second relaxation is not permissible. In addition, you need to have the skills not only of iron logic, but also to trust your inner intuition.

... Initially, the organizers planned to hold the championship according to the Swiss system, when the competitions are held without the elimination of the loser, and from the second round, equal opponents with the same number of points begin to meet.

But the Swiss system assumes an even number of participants. Therefore, we had to use a different system of drawing – a round-robin (it is also called Round-robin), in which each participant of the competition meets with everyone, according to the schedule of games.

я 2 Девочки.jpg

By the will of the lot on the first day, experienced chess players had not yet had time to play with each other, and it was impossible to determine the real balance of power.

In the women's category, the young chess player Myakhri Aimakova, a schoolgirl from Lebap, came out on top – she has 9.5 points out of 10 possible. And this is the main surprise of the first day of the blitz championship.

But it was clear that on the second day of the competition, Myakhri is expected to face more serious tests, when the main rivals will be at the chessboard against her. Despite the fact that some observers consider her Saturday success to be temporary, this does not reduce the significance of Myahri's achievement.

According to the results of the first day, the champion of Turkmenistan in the "classics" Jemal Ovezdurdieva secured the second place – 9 points out of 10 possible.

And four chess players were placed in third place at once – each with 8 points. Among them is the newly minted national rapid champion Lala Shokhradova, about whom wrote ORIENT. She was accompanied by Ogulsurai Bayrambaeva, Enesh Orazmedova and Leila Shokhradova.

It should be noted that the main members of the women's blitz are young and very young, but most importantly – ambitious (in a good sense) athletes, the main stages in their careers are still ahead. The same can be said about the men's team, most of which is made up of young people. Despite the fact that the old-timers of the chess art who are in fairly good shape are still effective there.

Among them are grandmaster Orazli Annageldiyev, Karen Grigoryan, Ovlyaguly Nazarmyradov and other "elders" of the chess movement in the country. You can see the last one mentioned in the photo.

я 3 Аксакал.jpg

Turkmen chess veterans generously share their rich experience with young fans of intellectual games.

By the way, the youngest participant, Emir Kim, celebrated his 7th birthday on the first day of the Rapid Chess championship, with which we congratulate him, albeit belatedly, wishing him a successful path to the heights of intellectual games.

я 4. Эмир Ким.jpg

There were younger ones, but not from among the participants of the championship, but rather those who came to the checkers and chess center of Ashgabat to cheer, and maybe learn something. Or to help the older comrades in the game:

– Oh, and it's not an easy sport to carry your chess! – the kid probably thinks.

я 5 Малыш.jpg

To date, the international master Yusup Atabayev is listed as the leader in the men's category with 9 points. He has two draws and eight wins.

Grandmaster Maksat Atabayev is in second place, his losses are one and a half points – he has 8.5 points out of ten possible. Two games brought him trouble: he lost one to Mergen Kakabayev, and drew the second with his brother Yusup.

But the paradox, as always contrary to common sense, is that the draw between the Atabayev brothers turned out to be worse than a defeat from any other opponent. The fact is that the Atabayev brothers are most often the main contenders for the first place. And the ordinary victory of one over the other in many ways ensures his unhindered ascent to the highest step of the podium.

In third place at the end of the first day of the championship is FIDE master Mergen Kakabayev, who scored 7.5 points, one of which brought victory in a difficult duel with the leading grandmaster Maksat Atabayev.

Yusup Bayramgeldyev, who became the rapid chess champion of Turkmenistan no later than Friday, is on a par with Mergen with 7.5 points.

The Nurmammedov–Kakabayev game between two FIDE masters was interesting.

In the course of the match, such a situation developed: Azat Nurmammedov, who played with white pieces, took a risk by playing a combination that was quite rare for blitz chess.

But as has become a tradition, you will learn how this game ended from the comment of the Secretary General of the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan, FIDE master Mergen Kakabayev.

Photo: ORIENT, video: Suleyman Charyev

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