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Turkmenistan Rapid Chess Championship: the intrigue persists

25.11.2022 | 15:28 |
 Turkmenistan Rapid Chess Championship: the intrigue persists

The games of the second day of the Turkmenistan Rapid Chess Championship were held on Thursday in the chess and checkers center of Ashgabat.

How did the organizers of the tournament rate it?

– If we compare the second day of the championship with the first, then today the chess battles were more assertive and decisive. And this is understandable, because today's results could in many ways be decisive in the final alignment of forces, – said the chairman of the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan Vepa Myalikgulyev.

The assessment of the Secretary General of this federation, the master of FIDE Mergen Kakabayev, sounds in unison with his opinion:

– The desire to win was observed, first of all, among the leaders of the men's group of the championship. If in the women's category it is possible to predict with a significant degree of confidence the first place for Lala Shokhradova from Lebap, then in the men's category, despite the confident play of a number of chess players, the question of the championship remains open.

Many observers agree with the reasoning of the tournament organizers. So, the leader in the women's category, Lala Shokhradova, confidently completed all games of rapid chess during the two days of the championship with victories, moreover, winning against her main rivals. She has an absolute result – ten points out of ten possible! And she is currently out of competition in the fight for the championship title. Her closest opponents have to fight for the second place.

In the men's category, just like yesterday, Yusup Bayramgeldiyev, a native of the Akhal region, goes with minimal losses. He is at least one point ahead of his main competitors. Yusup has nine points out of ten. He can practically be defeated by only one chess player – a master of sports with a rating above 2200 – Shahrukh Turaev (ORIENT gave an analysis of his duel with the two-time champion of Turkmenistan among boys Rauf Yusupov in yesterday's review).

Shahrukh Turaev is Bayramgeldiyev's closest rival – he takes the second place in the standings with two defeats out of ten games. So in the male category, the intrigue persists. But how much?

Despite the busy tournament schedule, I am pleased with the moderately stable athletic form and steady play of young chess players – Lala Shokhradova, who turns 16, has an absolute result. She is followed by her peer Meryem Agadzhanova, who lost only one game. But this defeat was inflicted on her by the undisputed leader in the women's category, Lala Shokhradova, which does not beg for Meriem's sporting success. In the list of her current achievements is today's victory over the current champion of the country, Jemal Ovezdurdieva.

Previously, the Turkmenistan men's national team mainly achieved great achievements in the international sports arena. With the election of new heads of the National Chess Federation in February of this year, first of all, Chairman Vep Myalikgulyev and Secretary General, FIDE master Mergen Kakabayev, purposeful work on the promotion and development of women's chess began.

The women's quota in the top league among men was opened. And this means that one of the girls will be able to participate in the men's team. And, based on the possibilities, they began to conduct joint trainings. This step was taken in order for the chess players, playing together with men, to more actively adopt their experience.

The current tournament, as already mentioned, aims to select the strongest chess players for the national team to participate in international competitions, the main one among which is the World Championship, which will be held in Almaty on October 25-30. And if Lala Shokhradova wins the current tournament, then she, having received a ticket to the world championship, will be able to compete there as part of the men's team. And Mergen Kakabayev, as the coach of the national team, recommends her to perform in this category of the blitz championship.

On Friday, the final day of the Turkmenistan Rapid Chess Championship, five more rounds will be held. Everyone is waiting for a persistent, but at the same time interesting struggle. But, again, the intrigue persists only in the male category. And according to the organizers, it is possible that uncertainty will take place until the last round.

On this day, the main attention will be focused on the game of Yusup Bayramgeldyev, whose one-point advantage over his closest rivals gives him a certain head start.

Shahrukh Turaev is chasing him, literally on his heels, with eight points against nine from his main rival. Then there is a small number of chess players who theoretically claim the championship title, but in practical terms their dreams are unlikely to be realized. Their main struggle will unfold for the second and third places. And the two leaders mentioned above will come together for the first.

So, at least, the coach of the national team, the master of FIDE Mergen Kakabaev, whom we asked this time to comment on an interesting game in his opinion.


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