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Artificial Intelligence Exhibition was held in Beijing

16.07.2019 | 15:37 |
 Artificial Intelligence Exhibition was held in Beijing

Do you think that artificial intelligence can replace a human in an art? Or is it a soulless machine that can just carry out commands?

During the recent decades, in the world of innovative technologies, a huge breakthrough has taken place. Man-made robot has passed way from simple image identification to victories in a variety of intellectual games.

Until today, the art was not considered to be affected by artificial intelligence, but the exhibition in Beijing presented the opposite perception.

On Sunday, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum hosted “Alternative worlds” art exhibition, informs China Daily.

The presented pictures were created exclusively by Microsoft Xiao Bin artificial intelligence robot.

Xiao Bin, who created paintings, imitated artistic styles of six female artists of various generations and backgrounds, and exhibited hundreds of pictures in different styles.

Artificial intelligence engineering in China is gaining momentum. In November 2018, a digital TV presenter with AI was demonstrated for the first time, and in September of this year, it is planned to start artificial intelligence technologies courses in P.R.C. schools.


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