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Afghan representatives of the communications industry are ready to work together for peaceful contacts

14.11.2022 | 19:56 |
 Afghan representatives of the communications industry are ready to work together for peaceful contacts

Among the numerous participants of the international conference "Turkmentel-2022" there were many foreign guests. Among them is a delegation from Afghanistan. ORIENT devoted a lot of materials to the topic of Turkmen-Afghan relations. Our neighboring peoples not only have ancient ties, but also successfully develop them in the modern era.

For example, Turkmenistan built a school, a maternity hospital, a hospital, a mosque, a shopping center, sections of railways, etc. in Afghanistan at its own expense. It has become a tradition to train Afghan students in Turkmen universities for free in various specialties, which the people of this long-suffering country so badly need. Turkmen electricity and liquefied gas are supplied to Afghanistan on preferential terms, various humanitarian cargoes are regularly sent, etc.

At the last forum in Ashgabat, the Afghan delegation included representatives of “Afgantelecom”, which established business relations with the “Turkmenaragatnaşyk” agency. Mahmatzahad represented Afgantelecom at the international exhibition and conference:

Афганские представители отрасли связи готовы к совместной работе для миролюбивых контактов

“Our delegation at the Ashgabat forum was very interesting and informative,” says Makhmatzahad. – We are sure that a stable connection plays an important role in establishing international cooperation. We have good relations with all neighboring states, and the task of our company is to technically ensure the uninterrupted operation of communication systems for the further development of peaceful contacts.

We want our relations with all our neighbors – both at the level of the government and the peoples – to be truly fraternal. The technically well-established communication system, which is gradually developing in Afghanistan, contributes to this. After all, where there is peace, there is a decent life. We look forward to the further establishment of a peaceful life in Afghanistan.

Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are not just neighboring countries, but brother countries. We have at two points – in Turgundi and Imamnazar – interstate junctions of the fiber-optic communication line. We use them and believe that they will help our peoples to become even closer to each other.

– Ashgabat is a very beautiful city, where kind and hospitable people live. We really liked the way the international conference is organized here. Here we not only met good specialists, but also made friends with them. And this will help us in our joint work.


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