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"Turkmentel-2022" – epithets, above all ratings

14.11.2022 | 00:58 |
 "Turkmentel-2022" – epithets, above all ratings

The International Conference on Telecommunications and Information Technologies "Turkmentel-2022" has completed its work. But as its participants say, they will remember meetings with their colleagues on the hospitable Turkmen land for a long time.

Among the participants of the international forum were representatives of one of the prestigious scientific and educational centers of the Russian Federation - Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev.

KAI is the short name of this legendary university, this year it celebrated its 90th anniversary. Its history is connected with the names of such outstanding people as the founder of Soviet rocket science Sergey Korolev, the chief designer of the Energia-Buran space system Boris Gubanov and others.

At the international forum "Turkmentel-2022" Kazan Aviation Institute was represented by Candidate of Sciences Kadriya Sibgatova, who shared her impressions with ORIENT.

– My name is Sibgatova Kadria Ildashevna. I came from the city of Kazan. I represent Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev. We came to this conference in order to develop cooperation between our university, the republic and Turkmenistan on information technology and digitalization programs, because our university trains personnel in various areas, including those to which the exhibition and conference "Turkmentel-2022" is dedicated.

The exhibition and conference are organized at the highest level. The level of organization of the forum testifies to the highest level of professionalism of Turkmen specialists. And we are ready to cooperate on personnel training.

More than 10 thousand Turkmen students study in Tatarstan. They study at Kazan Federal University, Kazan Technological University and our Kazan National Research Technical University in completely different directions.

This year we have opened the doors for our Turkmen colleagues – the first 128 young Turkmens have come to our university. Of these, 31 are studying on a budget form of education. The guys have chosen very serious specialties that are in demand both in our republic and in Turkmenistan. The guys really like it, we have received them well, and I think that this cooperation will continue, and, of course, cooperation in various fields of science. Turkmenistan buys ships, helicopters, KAMAZ trucks in Tatarstan, and our university trains these specialists.

I think the prospects are the brightest, because the potential is huge, and the attention that the leadership of Turkmenistan pays to the development of education, science, industry – I think this will contribute to the further flourishing of Turkmenistan and its people.

I think that such cooperation is useful not only for Turkmenistan, but also for Tatarstan, because cooperation is always mutually beneficial. So I think that if we continue to cooperate like this, it will only contribute to the flourishing of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen people.

The cordiality shown by the Turkmen people is above all estimates that can be given – the epithets are only the most remarkable.


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